Livelihood context

A bank customer - with a good standing - can receive a credit card from his or her bank.

It is a customer role in #isic6419TZ - Other monetary intermediation.


A user of a credit card.

These guidelines - Credit Card Tactics - are useful for this role:

Reference in Actor Atlas

Actor Atlas: Credit card user

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The Fringes

In accordance with the definition of business actor and business role in Archimate (Chapt. 4) an actor is defined as an entity capable of (actively) performing behavior, and a role is defined as a named specific behavior of an actor participating in a particular context (typically a collaboration (ref. Archimate's business collaboration) or interaction; ref. Interaction Dictionary.)

In a societal architecture an actor is of level pico, micro, meso or macro.

The pico level actor, a human, is part of the Natural Order and participates as a natural person in the Social Order and the Techno Order.

Actors at the levels micro, meso and macro are socially created as legal person with varying claims on resources and duties. (Societal) Architecture Principles would typically capture the variation of these claims in relationship to the kind of assets.