#Tags for Tanzania

The global conversation on United Republic of Tanzania contains valuable information and content that we should curate and make discoverable in the country's global online library.

Which information should be tagged? Explore below pages and tag content with suitable isic or cofog tags: isic tags for economic activities, and cofog tags for functions of government1.

Where to start?

  • Any webpage that interests you! Share it via Twitter with the right tag.
  • Or just check the tweets in the Twitter widget to the right! Do you want to recall (some of) its content in the context of an economic activity or function of government? Then quote the tweet and add the suitable tag!2
  • Or check the documents in the Scribd collection on Tanzania. To which sectors of industry, or which functions of government do these documents matter? Share your viewpoints via Twitter, don't forget to tag! Or add additional documents to the collection. Others will be grateful to you.

What next? Come back to the pages that interest you, and check via the Twitter widget the content others have tagged3.

Getting ready! Overcome the information overload problem by tagging content for all stakeholders in Tanzania's development, for instance: teachers and farmers, and many more. The synthesis of guidance notes will be a crowd's effort, beyond anything done on the web for Tanzania4.

For these administrative units in United Republic of Tanzania5, there is a page with sector-map links:
Region #TZlgu tag Development data ( Knoema )
Arusha #TZ02 Data atlas
Dar es Salaam #TZ07 Data atlas
Dodoma #TZ01 Data atlas
Geita #TZ25 Data atlas
Iringa #TZ11 Data atlas
Kagera #TZ18 Data atlas
Katavi #TZ23 Data atlas
Kigoma #TZ16 Data atlas
Kilimanjaro #TZ03 Data atlas
Lindi #TZ08 Data atlas
Manyara #TZ21 Data atlas
Mara #TZ20 Data atlas
Mbeya #TZ12 Data atlas
Morogoro #TZ05 Data atlas
Mtwara #TZ09 Data atlas
Mwanza #TZ19 Data atlas
Njombe #TZ22 Data atlas
Pemba North #TZ54
Pemba South #TZ55
Pwani #TZ06 Data atlas
Rukwa #TZ15 Data atlas
Ruvuma #TZ10 Data atlas
Shinyanga #TZ17 Data atlas
Simiyu #TZ24 Data atlas
Singida #TZ13 Data atlas
Tabora #TZ14 Data atlas
Tanga #TZ04 Data atlas
Zanzibar Central/South #TZ52
Zanzibar North #TZ51
Zanzibar Urban/West #TZ53

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For detailed information on the major cities and administrative division of Tanzania, see Tanzania in Citypopulation.de.

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